JPH Loft conversions have been in business for over 35 years. During which we have converted over 1000 lofts, so our experience is second to none.

JPH Loft Conversions

Maxamising Space

A loft conversion is an effective way of maximizing your living space, without moving house and home. A stylish loft conversion can give you that extra bedroom, bathroom, or living space without uprooting your family and putting your property on the market.

Expanding Home

Expanding your home can be fun. You have the excitement of planning, decoration and furnishing a new space, investing your money into your property at the same time as increasing your property value, but without the trauma and the expense of moving. It really is the best of both worlds.

Specialist Company

Getting a specialist company like JPH Loft Conversions on board will make your loft conversions a breeze, whether you want the space to flow seamlessly throughout your home or you just want to make a statement with a light-filled studio loft conversion.

Free Estimate

We provide a free, no-obligation estimate.

We will help you plan your loft conversion and show you how much-unused space can be opened up.

Planning permission

Most loft designs do not require planning permission, they normally can be granted by the local council under a permitted development application.


Loft conversion en suites add convenience and luxury to a bedroom and they make ideal guest rooms. Both full and part en suites will provide convenience and privacy with a value that is often reflected in property prices.

Planning Your Loft Conversion

Assess The Space

You need to assess what loft space you have got, and how you can utilise that loft space.  Call JPH Loft Conversions who can assess your loft area and help you plan the best way to convert your loft space into additional living space and incorporate it into your home, with a stylish loft conversion.


The price for your loft conversion very much depends on the style and fixtures and fitting you require for your finished loft.  What you can really count on is the quality of workmanship and attention to detail in your finished loft conversion.

Free Quotation

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